Saturday, March 6, 2010

mOther naTure

The plain sky appears blue without any trace of cloud like a rolling sea without wave. It so calm and quiet and I just look at the lash green meadow. It stretched to the horizon afar with its grassy soft velvet touch. Mother Nature looks wonderful at its best by far. “These are the days of our lives,” I say with thousand of happiness. I wish I will knew what I could face. Suddenly, the earth doesn’t smile at me anymore. My tears rolling like a river. I thought of joy and love but it was a bitter tears. Do we human suppose to be tamper at our nature? Every time we tamper with her for to pay there is some price. Now we swim in pain and cloth in sorrow. Mother Nature destroys because of greediness. Birds not visible anymore and pleasing me as usual as they sing. No more inexpressible peace that makes me feels it so harmonizing. I dreamed of I’m placed on the bosom of the mother nature as her child,  keeping her joyfully engrossed to be blessed me with love-soft and mild. I want to keep my vision always alert to feel by heart nature’s rapture. My mind will find wonder of peace;  drench my soul in the morning moisture.

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  1. best!! luv our mother nature!